The Fraunhofer Center for the Security of Socio-Technical Systems (Fraunhofer SIRIOS) makes complex security scenarios tangible and controllable in order to increase security and resilience in society.

Public safety faces major challenges, be it climate-induced disaster, industrial accidents, terrorist attacks, or riots at major events. In addition, the interdependencies between people, technology and infrastructure make public safety and security complex and difficult to manage. Therefore, the scope of their impact dependents on a multitude of direct or indirect influences, and existing security solutions often cover only partial aspects. Disruptions within such socio-technical systems can have severe and wide-scale effects, for example on the supply of electricity, internet, telecommunications, water and logistics. In order to research and simulate these interdependencies and deal with the effects of disruptions, Fraunhofer SIRIOS, which was founded in 2021 in Berlin, combines the expertise of the Fraunhofer institutes EMI, FOKUS, IOSB and IVI.

With funding from the German federal government and the state of Berlin, Fraunhofer SIRIOS builds a research, testing and training environment for coupled simulations of complex security scenarios. Located at the Berlin Fraunhofer FOKUS, employees from four institutes are going to research and work collaboratively on cross-institute projects.