Resilience and Security
Fraunhofer FOKUS

Simulation – Transfer – Impact

A special focus of Fraunhofer SIRIOS is the transfer of research into practice: In a two-way transfer process, the research results are transferred into practice and, at the same time, the stakeholders’ perspectives flow back into the research and project development. Fraunhofer SIRIOS sees itself as an incubator for new public safety and security technologies.

simulations and new models: Modelling the development and impact of complex socio-technical threats or disruptions and deriving scientifically sound measures.

Transfer to the authorities for safety and security: Putting solutions for the interaction of technology, infrastructure, emergency forces and population in complex situations into practice, working together with stakeholders.

Impact on security and resilience: Supporting the assessment and controllability of new technologies in the event of an emergency, ensuring the protection of data and personal rights, and increaseing citizens' subjective sense of security.

Working with network partners in safety and security authorities, industry, research and politics, new models of technical systems and human behavior are integrated into complex scenarios, tested in simulations and evaluated within the transfer network. The results reveal existing vulnerabilities and create room for new protection and resilience strategies.

At the same time, regular exchange formats ensure that the needs which arise in practice are channeled back into research. Thus, Fraunhofer SIRIOS fulfills an important function in integrating legal frameworks, working methods of authorities and organizations, procedures in research and development, business models of technology companies as well as the acceptance of the population “by design”, i.e. from the very beginning, into the scientific development process. The center understands scenario-oriented simulations as a technology-open and cross-departmental methodology for all stakeholders involved.

Technologies have to prove themselves in real-life situations. As a result, Fraunhofer SIRIOS network partners are going to receive comprehensive support that no other scientific or commercial simulation platform currently offers: A collaborative environment for training and simulation with virtual missions in two- or three-dimensional space as well as an open architecture for stress testing commercial and non-commercial models and systems to evaluate vulnerabilities and technical-organizational synergies.